Brioche (Kacyiru)

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Hours:Daily 6:30am - 8pm
Payment Methods:Cash
Price Range:$$$
Serves:Breakfast, Coffee, Dessert, Lunch, Snacks
Smoking:Not Allowed
Service Speed:Quick
Parking:Off Street
Noise Level:Quiet
Features:Outdoor Seating,


    Kirsty Post author

    The BEST chocolate mousse-y cakes… competes with anywhere I’ve been in the world. The chocoalte bomb is my favourite dessert in Kigali. Super decadent, though!

    The coffee is small for the size (you’d expect a French press full of coffee but only get a cup) and the sandwiches are good and it’s nice that you get to choose the toppings and bread.

    Better for takeaway as there aren’t that many seats. I like Brioche a lot, mostly for desserts and bread.


    Ah.. Brioche!! I dont think there’s anyone in Kigali who doesn’t like this place and thanks to them its started a trend of lunch time sambo’s for take out!! So theres a range of sandwiches on their own bread which are very good although the egg in the tuna confuses me? tuna sans egg please! You can call them and order ahead. Recently they have started to do pasta and Ican honestly say the spaghetti bolognese was superb. Cakes and pastries equally delicious. Brioche if you read this one last suggestion- would ye consider stocking drinks other that that fake juice stuff ye currently have? Brilliant for lunch and takeaway.


    Love their pastries! Their chocolate cake is to die for and they opened a new branch in my neighborhood (Gaculiro), super excited about that!


      It looks like there’s a branch opening in town in the big building up the hill from UTC. Kigali domination!?

      I agree that their coffee is too small but the cakes are amazing. Really decadent. I’m looking forward to trying the spag bol, thanks for the heads up!


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